RestoreDoll.com Liquidating Inventory

Kathy at RestoreDoll.com has announced that she and her husband will begin to phase into their retirement by liquidating the inventory of their on-line store.  This may be sad news to some because Kathy has been very instrumental in matching vintage colors for scores of dolls.
The sale begins with 30% off everything including skeins of doll hair, flocking, fashion boxes, paint and repair kits.

Katsilk Skeins

Fashion Display Box


  1. This is some really sad news. I love shopping at Restoredoll.com, where will I get my hair now?

  2. @Aubrey:
    Perhaps someone will buy the business. That would be great. I cannot recommend the other person who sells saran.

  3. Hey, Terri. Tina from Dollyhair.com here. I just fully read your comment, and I see that you're saying that you cannot recommend Dollyhair. I'm so sorry that you feel that way. I do recall that there was a problem in the past with an order that you placed, but I thought I'd done whatever I could have done to make it right. If you don't feel that I did, then please let me know if there's anything I can do at this point. I would really like to make it up to you. Dollyhairmail@aol.com. Thanks.

  4. I am sorry to hear of this news too about Restoredoll. What I don't understand is why isn't there anything about it on their site? Are they offering anyone the chance to buy the business? I would hope there's someone who might be interested in taking it over... :(