If you're not registered for the Integrity Toys 2010 Convention here's what to expect.

This post is basically for"newbies" who have not experienced the selling/buying frenzy that occurs after a convention.
You will be able to purchase pretty much everything except the food served to the conventioneers. Of course, you can't buy the fun.

The Convention Collection is made up of the dolls every attendee gets to purchase if they so desire.  Everyone who is registered has received a list of the dolls and the "special" convention price which is between $20-$25 less than the suggested retail.

Here is the list:

“Always Polished” Dasha FR2 Dressed Doll (New Character!)
(Sugg. Retail $175.00)
“Fine Romance” Eugenia Perrin Frost™ Dressed Doll
(Sugg. Retail $175.00)
“Wild at Heart” Lillith and Eden™ Gift Set
(Sugg. Retail $200.00)
“Scarlet Woman” Adèle Makéda® Dressed Doll
(Sugg. Retail $110.00)
“Out of the Blue” Kyori Sato® Dressed Doll
(Sugg. Retail $110.00)
“Night Vision” Count Adrian Von Lamberg™ Figure (New Character!)
(Sugg. Retail $110.00)
“Ask Any Girl” Poppy Parker Gift Set
(Sugg. Retail $150.00)

Most attendees who decide to sell dolls will raise the price from 50—100% and sometimes more depending upon the popularity of the doll and/or their desire to sell.

Other dolls you can count on seeing for sale will be table centerpieces, souvenir dolls given to attendees as part of the convention and the final night's convention doll.

There will be items for sale to conventioneers in the souvenir store which will probably consist of prior year dolls and accessories and perhaps dolls from the Gene Marshall  line. These may show up for sale as well.

There are some collectors who never sell a doll that they get either because they can't part with it or they don't know how to sell. 
Selling items from a convention is a way to make attending the convention affordable (for those of us who do not have unlimited funds.) If you need a push to sell, just add up how much it costs to attend! Write it down and look at the number.

Convention Registration: $350.
Travel To and From the Hotel: (Depends upon mode of transportation.)
Hotel Room: $135. plus tax per night
Additional Meals and/or Beverages: (Four meals are included)
Workshop Kits: (optional-workshops are free but kits can be purchased)
Design-A-Doll Workshop: (optional $35. per doll)
W Club Luncheon: (optional) $50.
Centerpiece: (optional) $150. (based on prior year costs)
Convention Collection: (optional) $936.25 PA tax included
Room Sales: (optional)
Souvenir Store Purchases: (optional)


  1. Dear Terri
    where is the convention for integrity? I read your informative for newbies twice but could not find the locale. Also for a newbie like me and money is tight I am confused at attendees selling dolls there or before going. I also have never been to a doll convention. The IFDC I think next year is on my list for Vegas. I hope this made sense

  2. @BarbienCharge: Here is the link to all the information regarding the convention location: