Best Price for Jason Wu/Madame Alexander New Alex Line Dolls

The Doll Market is offering the three Jason Wu designed dolls," Graphic Content Paris", "Going Platinum Paris" and "Virtually Stunning Alex", for the Madame Alexander Alex Line at a sale price of $119.97.
This is the best price I've seen for these dolls which are listed for $149.95 elsewhere except at the Toy Shoppe which is selling them for $134.95. The Luxe Finishing Accessory Set is being sold for  $79.96 instead of $99.95.

These are all pre-order items as the dolls are not expected to be released until late November.
Virtually Stunning Alex
I wasn't going to...but I did pre-order VS Alex.
Strangely enough, neither dealer is offering Mahogany Alex at all. She is available at most other doll dealers for $149.95. As previously noted in another post, all these dolls are LE 150. I think some will sell out, not only because they are lovely, new and designed by Jason, but because they will be released at the beginning of the holiday season spending melee.

I want her, too:
"Vice" Cissy - $349.95 — Expected Delivery December, 2010
If she wasn't so huge at 21" tall, I'd have already put in an order. But I already have all the empty space on my Cissy shelf filled in with smaller dolls for whom there is no more room on their own shelves.

Every now and then I get the queasy feeling that it's time to stop. And then I go to a convention.

(My name is Terri and I am a Doll Addict.)


  1. Hello, Terri!
    (Isn't that the proper response?)
    You are not alone & no I do not want to join a 12 step program...
    ... i can stop any time I want...

  2. @Aunt Lou: It's good to know I'm not alone. LOL

  3. I was able to find a new home for my last Cissy doll back on November 2009. If I buy this Cissy (and it's really tempting) please put a large plastic bag over me when you see me at the convention and drag me out to the curb!!! I will not buy Cissy. I will not buy Ellowyne. I will only buy the convention dolls that I really MUST have. LauraLA

  4. Laura, Darling: I can always count on you to make me laugh.

  5. Laura, we really don't need a LARGE bag for you. Maybe a medium size bag. You shouldn't be discouraging Terri by encouraging over consumption of bags and other plastic goods and thereby enabling her doll addiction.