Picture of the Week Award ~ February 14, 2010

The award this week goes to Lisa Irinyi also known as Alex's Doll.Lisa has shot a redressed Eden doll against a background of a stream. The sharp focus of the doll creates depth and separates her from the background effectively. The composition takes the viewer directly to the doll's face. Notice the diagonal line of the path or road in the lower right hand corner of the shot. Whether it was intentional or not, that technique is a well known one used to draw the viewer into the frame. The diagonal line of the tree branch in the upper right serves the same purpose. I might have cropped out the bench which would have strengthened the diagonals. The bench is interesting and I'd like to see more of it or none at all. It also helps that the doll is not dead center.
It's a great picture of a very popular doll.

Lisa's advice to doll photographers: "Take a doll and a camera with you (in the car, out for a walk) whenever you can. You never know where the next photo opportunity is going to be. Also, take lots of pictures. The more photos you take, the better you get."

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Blog: Every Day A Dollie

Congratulations, Lisa, on the Picture of the Week Award!


  1. Thank you for choosing Eden's photo for your Picture Of The Week Award. It is an honor.

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