Barbie Fan Club 2010 Membership Renewals Begin

Emails were sent out by Barbie Collector to all 2009 members reminding them to renew their memberships beginning today. Previous members get one week before membership opens to the public. The cost for one year is $24.95 plus any applicable tax.
The first Club doll is a Silkstone BFMC called "Palm Beach Honey." She would have looked so cute with Palm Beach Sugar Daddy. Don't you think?
Her price is $65.00. I was able to use a code to get $10 off. That code is A28844. I have previously mentioned that I don't collect Barbie dolls but I find it hard to pass up a pretty Silkstone doll.
If you've never joined the club, you will be happy to learn that during the year you get 4 discount coupons. This year it will be a $20., a $30., a $20. and a $20. There's always a Silkstone to pick up here and there and this is the best deal around! Additionally you can't buy the Club dolls if you're not a member unless you don't mind paying a premium on eBay. There's a chat board, a place for you to archive your collection and it's interesting to look around to find pictures of older dolls.

I do recommend membership - even for non-Barbie collectors like me!


  1. I agree, Terry! I find I get great value from my BFC membership if just for the exclusive dolls alone. I've always managed to like at least one dressed silkstone doll, and I've collected the lingerie ("basic") dolls since the first dolls. There are at least $80.00 in credits offered, and at last year's "Dream Sale" I made out like the proverbial bandita! What's not to like? :-)

  2. Marina: That sale was the best ever. I put in one order and two days later I sent in another. I sure hope they do it again.
    Thanks for your comment.