Twilight Werewolf, Jacob Black from Tonner Doll Co.

I like his sneakers and that's about it. The pretty boy face belies the raging wolf inside. He doesn't even look native American. But then again I didn't like the Edward or Bella dolls either.
Jacob Black has Tonner's athletic male body and is 17" tall.
The retail price is $149.99 and there are 3000 of them being produced.
My suggestion...wait 4 months for the first discount. In one year you will be able to get him for much less.
Mattel has a Barbie Twilight Jacob Doll. He's $29.95, 12" tall and looks even dorkier than Tonner's.


  1. I knew the moment Tonner anounce they were making the Twiligfht dolls that i would be passing on all of them, and I am so happy I didn't keep my hopes up, I don't think RT Company ever intends on giving you dolls that are any closer to what the characters are supposed to look like ( either in the book or in movies)..is as if they don't really care, Ihave yet to see any "character" doll from RT that is good....did you see the TorchWood dolls or the Dr WHo dolls? a Shame , JOhn Borrowman is one HOT dude but yet the doll they made to represnet him couddn't be FUGLIER....

  2. @A: Of course I've seen the dolls. I do like the Barrowman sculpt. The hair needs to be restyled and then the doll would be great-looking. Wait until you see the Lord of the Rings dolls. Viggo is very hot-looking. I may actually get him.
    The Dr. is not a doll I'm interested in although I loved the series. I like his coat. ;-)

  3. I am not a cute doll fan and have actually stopped collecting Tonner dolls - way too conservative to me. Even the circut things looks weird but not cutting edge to me! I should have waited for at least 6 months or so..but I hav just pre-ordered Jacob from Cherishedfriends.com

    Cliff - Hong Kong

  4. I actually like this doll, much better than previous RT Edward and Bella.

  5. Cliffie: You can have one of your painting buddies "man" Jacob up.