I Know It's Not A Modern Fashion Doll But.....

I just love the little Madame Alexander dolls and their accessories. I adore my larger fashion dolls but these little creations make me smile and laugh. Just look at this creation called "I'm Melting Witch" from the Hollywood Series. It comes with 1-1/2 dolls. The witch is melting into a puddle. Water is splashing out of 8" Dorothy's bucket. Tulle is flying upward as the witch melts into nothingness. It's just so adorable and sometimes I need adorable. These images are from the Doll Market's website. It's fun to browse and sometimes they have sales...not very often, but last year I found two Cissy dolls for less money there than anywhere else.
This particular set goes for $69.97.

Here's a pretty 10" Cissette I'd like to add to my collection. The MADC does Rocketttes in different sizes. (The Radio City Rockettes Collection.) This sparkling beauty is called "Dancing In Diamonds" and her outfit is designed by Bob Mackie. It won't be released until May, 2010 and retails for $111.96.

I like so many different types of dolls. I'm so doomed.

Bessie Coleman (January 26, 1892—April 30, 1926) was an American civil aviator. She was the first person of African American descent to become a licensed airplane pilot, and the first American of any race or gender to hold an international pilot license. Here is a delightful representation of Bessie as a 10" fully articulated AA Cissette in a wonderful aviator outfit. Like most MADC fashions the details are well done and smart-looking.
Bessie Coleman was released in 2009 and retails for $103.89.

Just one more...
This is another version of Dorothy called "Dorothy And Ruby Slippers." She is a 10" Cissette who is clad in a modern version of the iconic fashion. Look at the accessories: three pairs of red shoes, little shoe boxes, Toto in a basket. Heavenly!The retail price at the Doll Market for this doll is $79.97.

I'm starting to rethink my title for this article. Perhaps they are fashion dolls after all. I think I may need to broaden my definitions or get rid of titles.

The list of dolls I don't like: freaky-smiling anorexic Barbies with blue eyelashes, Dead dolls, re-born life like baby dolls, scary vampire and monster dolls, Chucky, clown dolls, and most life-sized dolls.

What dolls don't you like? I'd love to see lists!


  1. I like the MA dolls. I don't collect infant dolls, especially the ones that are sculpted/painted so that they are crying unhappily. Sometimes they look like they are in terrible discomfort and I wonder why people would want a representation of a baby frozen in eternal torment, but maybe Im just overthinking this. LauraLA

  2. I adore Avantguard Dolls. I wouldnt say I'm a collector as I have only just brought my first one and also I like the Sybarites but they are alittle out of my league while I'm a student. But I mainly enjoy doll fashions. Anthony, UK

  3. RealDolls.

  4. RealDolls...LOL
    I had to look that one up.

  5. I love lists too! How fun!

    BTW - that Dorothy is ADORABLE

    Ok, let's see...I can appreciate aspects of all dolls, but don't particularly care for:

    1) Ditto! All of the dolls on your don't like list

    2) Raggedy Ann or other cloth dolls with yarn hair

    3) LOL--American Girl! I love the stories and concept, but I just think their posture is horrible and their bodies "dumpy" looking. I prefer West Coast Kids or similar for an 18" play doll for my niece.

    4) Most celebrity dolls - they just freak me out

    5) I am still in shock over those "RealDolls". Goodness! ---But I LOVE the Old Navy Supermodelquins.

    6) beating a dead horse - this year's Cissy line-up

  6. Catherine...I had to look up the Old Navy Supermodelquins. I had no idea. They are real. LOL.
    The video about them is a riot. They are pretty freaky looking. Is that supposed to be middle America? I'm staying on the east coast.

  7. I don't like reborns, or Sybarites -- all of the Sybs I have seen look like transexuals. I have nothing againts transexuals, but I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for dolls of them!

  8. So... tired... of... Goth... dolls...