Two Dressed Dolls from Joe Tai

Every fashion from Joe Tai ought to include sunglasses. Moderation is not in his vocabulary.
That's not to say that I haven't had many of his fashions because I have. I love his wigs, which are often over-the-top, and his new, separately available 16" bodies are excellent. I will cover them in another post.
Below is "Classic Silvery Rose" Ingrid, a 12-inch dressed doll. The outfit consists of a separate bustier and a sequined ball gown skirt. Included: jewelry, underwear and hosiery, shoes, wig and stand. I'm assuming the gloves are also available although the description has left that out. If you like this doll, the price of $118.88 is not bad. They have excellent articulation and good weight. I don't care for the sculpt or the facial screening but the bustier and wig would be fun to have.

Another new 2010 12-inch dressed doll is "Spring Water Lily" En. She is wearing a traffic-stopping amount of sequins that cover her qi-pao and matching coat. Her boots pick up the mint green of the outfit. The jewelry repeats the color scheme endlessly. I wonder if the doll can lower her arms with that amount of sequins under the arm area. En comes with a wig and a doll stand and is priced at $108.88.
Both dolls are limited editions of 50 pieces and may be available from several doll dealers including Manika, Doll Market, Angelic Dreamz, Cherished Friends and The Doll Peddlar in the United States.
Go to Joe Tai's website to see other dealers and to get more information about his dolls.

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