I.T.B.E. Super Sale at MFD

I think it's so funny that these dolls are now on sale for $15-$17., down about $10 from their original retail price.
In a previous post (when they were first released) I commented on how ludicrous it was for Integrity to promote them as "entry-level collectibles."
They're no more collectible than a pink box Barbie and now they are priced correctly.

Unfortunately if you live outside of Canada, shipping from MFD will cost you too much to make the sale worthwhile unless you buy the entire set.

I couldn't find a dealer in the US that is offering them at a discount.

ITBE (Integrity Toys Basic Editions)


  1. I actually think this is still too high. They should be $9.99. Honestly, I was wondering who Integrity thought they were fooling by labeling these "entry level collectibles". Yeah, right. There are $7.99 Barbies more impressive.

  2. I got "Groove" for $18 from Angelic Dreamz' Christmas sale. The quality is all-around lower than the playline Janays.

    I hope they continue with the "entry level" concept, but honestly make them worth collecting.