Wrapped In Decadence ~ W Club Exclusive Fashion

A Fashionable Life Vanessa is my model for the latest W Club exclusive fashion. Wrapped in Decadence is a winner in most every way. The look is beautiful and the fit is very good. It's easy to put on and the construction is excellent. I adore the coat which is completely covered in fabric 'rosettes.' Just take a look.
The only problems I encountered in construction is on the inside of the skirt part of the dress. It may be seen in the photo on the right hip, the seam bulges out in a triangular shape. I don't plan to open up the dress to fix it as she will be wearing the coat most of the time. Someone messed up the sizing on the shoes as they are way too long.
I recommend this fashion and I just happen to have an extra for sale.


  1. Very nice fashion. It would be fantastic in AG size!
    Thanks for posting, Terri.

  2. Vanessa looks gorgeous! Like the backdrop as well.

    Too bad on the shoes.

    I've ordered the outfit as well, but I only really wanted the coat.

  3. Wow, your Vanessa looks stunning Terri!

    Are the feathers removeable from the shoes?

    I'm thinking the shoes are too big because they are meant to be worn with hose?

    Connie in PA

  4. Connie: The doll's feet are much smaller than the shoes and hosiery would make little difference.
    The feathers can be removed. There is a little strip of something under there.