I keep saying I don't collect Barbie dolls but...

...every now and then one comes along that is a keeper. This is a first wave Barbie Basic with the Nichelle sculpt. I added the jewelry.
She has the anorexic, twisty model body but I like her anyway.

Did you know that if you click on an image, it will open larger in another window? Try it.


  1. She's nice. I keep saying the same thing about Barbie, too, but some of the dolls manage to find their way in the collection.

  2. I think this girl has caught everyone's eye. It's nice that there's actually some variety in the BB line, even if they do come on the useless model bodies. I'm the same way about Barbie dolls, but every once in a while, one with a different head mold or facial screening that's just a little bit off will catch my eye. She always gets a new body, though!

    I love the jewelry, by the way! :)

  3. @Smidge Girl - I would love to put her on another body but what articulated body would match?

  4. I think the Nadja body would look good on her!

  5. DollGrrlTrixie here...

    sorry to correct you, terri
    model #4 is the GODDESS sculpt not nichelle

  6. DollGrrlTrixie: That's fine. I need correction at times. I appreciate your input. Thank you.

  7. I wish I knew! I have some dolls this skin tone that are still waiting for bodies :( There are more articulated dolls these days, but fewer skin tones than ever, it seems. Maybe the Alvin Ailey Doll? I'm not sure she's dark enough, though. And kind of crazy just to get her to rip her head off, lol. If you find one, I hope you'll let us know!