"Soon there’ll just be feathers and the quiet of the fall " (Icarus Wind)

I didn't think I'd be able to get a picture of No Exaggeration without using her stand. Difficulty with vertical posing is the quality I dislike the most about the Avantguard dolls. But I did manage to get her to balance using a piece of armature wire. I liked the look of the brick wall which I had originally intended to crop. She is wearing the new Avantguard separate outfit called "Fashion Fuel." The beautiful animal print shoes are a mile high. I put them on her feet before the dressing began to see how they fit. I would not have been able to get them on over the included tights easily and I like easy. I didn't want to risk damaging the fishnet tights or the shoes. Underneath the jacket is a LBD. The leatherette gloves are elbow length and go on easily. The suit is nicer in person than in the promo photos. Unfortunately the wig is awful. Integrity must give up making wigs that are not either stick straight or tightly styled and tied. The quality of the saran (I'm assuming it's saran) is over-worked. The wig arrived style-less and/or distorted from packaging. Trying to style it was unsuccessful. I was very careful with the wig and still the results were horrid. The wig she's wearing is not the one from the set.

Icarus On The Runway
I don't understand why one of the new AGs "On Edge" is also sporting a little black dress. Seriously, I do not get this outfit at all. The shoes are the same as the ones we got in the December 2009 wig and shoe set. And what's with the hot pink feather wings?
Image Property of Integrity Toys

How many little black dresses and gigantic black shoes do these dolls need? She reminds me of one of my 10" Cissettes - feathers - black/pink combo - over-the-top, etc.
I need subtle. Enough with the in-your-face stuff. Jason's recent runway collection was subtle and gorgeous. There was no black and pink and no feathers.

The Lament For Icarus, by Herbert James Draper


  1. The On Edge shoes are slightly different from the wig and shoe pack. The "flowers" on the back of the shoe pack were red while this outfit features all black shoes. I think those shoes were quite well received and I would be happy to have both--after all, when one finds a sweater with an excellent fit and style, isn't one tempted to get one in every color, LOL.


  2. @Laura..You are so right! I don't know why I didn't see the difference in the shoes. I must have been blinded by the wings.

  3. Maybe the feathers on the AG could be worn as a skirt, just like the monogram Colette fashion. It sort of looks like it's a full wrap. That would be an option to try. I'm not getting this AG, but I think that could work.


  4. @Sandra...it could work...if you like hot pink feather skirts, that is.

  5. I'm pretty sure the doll doesn't mind what color it is. Hehe.