Michelle Obama Doll - FAIL

This is the promotional photo that was advertised for the Michele Obama Inaugural doll. I blogged about it on June 1, 2009.

A fellow collector sent me these pictures of the actual doll that she received:

What a complete disappointment but not a surprise. When a company advertises with an artist rendering rather than a prototype or a production sample, you can be sure you will not get what you see in the ad.

Seriously, some of Mattel's $39.95 celebrity dolls have more of a resemblance to their human counterparts than this.


  1. I agree, Terri. I returned my doll to DM this past Monday. It was a total disappointment, from the doll itself, to the dress, to the painted-on, molded shoes!

  2. @Black Doll Enthusiast: The shoes are painted on? It just keeps getting worse. What a shame.

  3. Does anybody remember the friend of the Ideal(?)"Dusty" Doll? This Michelle Obama doll looks a lot like "Sky" My sister and I (Inherrited from grandma) have ours. My sister might get this doll if she wants another sky like doll -she was a favorite- but I think the Integrity's ITBE doll "Groove" reminds me of Michelle more as does one of the Dynamite girls. I say buy both dolls and put on the dress on the ITBE doll and leave the MO doll as a OOAK project for yourself or sell her away.

  4. I bought the doll for my mother for Christmas. Needless to say, she was VERY disappointed. She tried to be cool about it, but finally we had to accept it --- we'd been had. This is blatant false advertising. It's not a bad doll, but it's not what was advertised. We thought it was a porcelain statue and not a PhotoShoped picture of our First Lady. The hair is frizzy, the dress looks dingy and very little effort was put into its details, the shoes are painted on and I couldn't even get those ugly pegs to fit into the holes on the stand! It's an absolute rip off for $149. Danbury Mint should be ashamed. If they had put the actual picture that's included with the doll, then we could have made some better decisions about buying it.

  5. I just got my doll too. My mom hasn't seen it yet. I am sending it back. It looks really rushed and nothing like the one advertised. it looks like a toy store black barbie rather than michelle obama. not worh the 158 dollars i paid for this thing.