There Ought to be a Law Against Smoking Dolls

I'm just sick of getting dolls and doll fashions that smell from cigarette smoke.
Last week it was two NRFB fashions and today it was a doll. The fashions were from an eBay seller with a lot of excellent feedback so I was very surprised. The doll was purchased from a seller I found on Ruby Lane.
Perhaps smokers do not believe that even if their dolls are packed away, cigarette smoke is invasive. It will get on everything and into everything just like it coats your lungs and body, it will deposit itself on your merchandise. The packaging materials stink, too. If they are aware of that and are still selling their polluted stuff to unsuspecting buyers then they are as disgusting as their habit.
I was discussing this with a seller (thankfully before I bought anything). She told me that her son is a smoker and he visits occasionally but her dolls are packed away in a closet and she doesn't believe they have any ciggy smoke smell.
Cigarette smoke produces airborne tar just like this.
The second problematic component of cigarette smoke is the very high level of tar solids that are disseminated into the air when cigarettes are burned. This is the same petroleum based tar used to make asphalt roads. This petroleum based tar clouds the air and sticks to every surface of the room. Not only can you see this tar in the air you can also see and feel this yellow brownish sticky substance on surfaces such as walls and furniture. Cigarette smoke tar even seeps into your homes air vents, and appliances with vents such as TV's and stereos. This disgusting goop discolors paint and it also has a terrible, sickening odor.

Everything in your house smells if anyone smokes there.
Including you.

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  1. I can sympathize, I really can. I have gotten many smoky packages in the mail.

    EVEN WHEN I HAD ADAMANT REASSURANCES BEFOREHAND from the seller. Even from very well known and trusted forum members.

    Dolls are not cheap. And that smell is permanent. Sorry about your disappointing packages this week :-(