Hometown Hollywood Mini Gene

W Club members were surprised to be offered another Club exclusive. This time it's a Mini Gene doll called Hometown Hollywood Mini Gene. She is based upon the original Ashton-Drake manufactured "Hello Hollywood, Hello" who was released in 1998 and designed by Doug James. The price of the original doll was $79.95. The new one is $150.

I have decided not to order this doll partly because of the price and mainly because I have not yet seen the sculpt of the two I already have on pre-order. I won't just keep ordering and ordering without seeing up close what this line holds in store. IMO this offer was badly timed.

If you would like to read the original story card, here is a link to the Gene Database on Facets by Marcia's website. Hello Hollywood Hello

Here are my pictures of the original:


  1. The mini doll looks more like the Lana Turner doll than Gene. At that price, wouldn't think this doll would have much appeal to Gene fans. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. Soooo cute photos!.. thanks for sharing..

  3. I truly like the original better. And, she cost less than the mini Gene does now. Go figure. HHH (AD) is a classic.