Mattel's Sugar Daddy Ken. Will He or Won't He?

One of the moderators over at the BFC Board stated,
"What a week! As you have seen, we sneak peeked the BFMC Palm Beach line. One of the concepts in the line was a Ken doll. We posted the photo with the internal "working" name and the photo and name was also released to dealers. The Ken concept is not part of the official spring Palm Beach product line."

Huh? What happened?

This is the topic of intense discussion on that board and among Barbie collectors. From what I have read pretty much everyone wants that Ken doll to be produced. Count me in. The statement from the moderator is vague about the outcome of this particular doll.

The funniest post I read was posted by dollyhoarder who said:
"My guess is...they will probably change the name from 'Sugar Daddy' to something benign like 'Still Anatomically Incorrect Ken Walking Neutered Dog.'"

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. There is controversy over a Ken that looks like he might be gay?
    Come on, what's one more?

    The "Sugar Daddy" name is the biggest image problem, since it implies that he is paying for his relationships.

    It's odd sometimes where Mattel draws the line on what is OK and what is too controversial. They have one foot awkwardly in the child's toy market, and one foot in the adult collectors' market.

  2. Jendini:
    You hit the nail on the head with your evaluation of where Mattel's feet are. You'd think such a huge corporation would be standing on solid ground by now.

  3. I do hope he can be produced. no matter how to name him

  4. I'm sure they will chicken out on Sugar Daddy Ken once they've gotten all the media hype they can.

    It makes me wonder. Which would cost them more sales?
    Boycotts by the Easily Offended People?
    Or competitors with more interesting dolls?

  5. Personally, I'm just waiting when the peeps at Mattel notice how much people want them to make more male dolls in the collector lines.

    Although finally openly naming a Ken "Sugar Daddy" does seem appropriate in the context of Barbie looking younger and younger, ahile his looks don't change that much... :D

  6. I'm tired of Mattel's 'Chickening out" when it comes to making male dolls to match up with the newer and much more sophisticated barbies that have been made these current years. I mean they just don't match up very well,not even the play line ones.

    I'm really liking that mold(s) that was used for blaine, Tango Ken or that Devereaux Ken and a few others I can't name this second who will be just great with the Model Muse Barbies, What's wrong with a GQ like line of Ken dolls? Don't you think he deserves to look human/realistic as well? Plus they've been promising an Asian American Ken for over a decade -and no that one with the Original Ken mold with the blue hair doesn't count!-

    I'm thinking Integrity will come out with their ITBE male dolls faster and we'll be putting them with our barbies instead.