Sugar Daddy Ken Gone Along With Entire BFC Thread

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Comment by one member
"...I am really sick and tired of the media/public dictating what dolls I am allowed to buy."

I say that it's not the public, it's the men in the corporation making the decision. Mattel makes toys and they want it to stay that way. Every one wanted that doll. Now, if he is actually ever made, non-collectors will snap him up and we won't even be able to get one!

Why don't they just put him out as an American Girl doll who had a sex change? He can go live with the re-homed homeless doll and they can decorate and go shopping and write books....

Why is it OK for female dolls to be produced in scanty fashions with slutty makeup and come-hither hairstyles but it's not OK for an effeminate looking Ken doll to be produced? I call that sex bias and it's disgusting.


  1. oh no! they've removed the whole thread? I regret not saving it now :(

  2. I have said it before; 'M' allows the detractors and nay-sayers (and often times - the bible-thumpers) to dictate what type of doll they produce.
    The funny thing is that these 'detractors' do not spend in ONE year on the Barbie line - what we as collectors spend on one or two dolls in a month on the Collector Barbie Line.

    Who's more important here fellas!?
    US or THEM?

    2010 is my first year in over a decade I will NOT purchase any collectible Barbie lines. Let the Boycott begin.


  3. bleah! i wanted that doll!
    it was a poorly named doll. too bad as it seems that was maybe most of the reason it was pulled...? or b/c he had a lil dog? WTH
    hope i don't get charged for it anyway (since i ordered).
    thanks for the update. had no idea till i saw the posts on your blog.