Picture of the Week Award ~ July 26, 2009

This week's Picture of the Week Award goes to James Griffen also known as ParadiseBlue and more recently Dolls Gone Wild!

James created Anti Social Misaki's windswept look by brushing her hair and pulling her hoodie up. The fabulous composition brings the viewer's eye to the doll's face over and over. I found myself following the sweep of the hair and returning to the face via the zipper.

James told me that he always played with dolls. He was an only child raised by his dad who let him have Barbie dolls. His father did not consider them to be girl's toys. He said that his dad thought "they were just little figures interacting...a sort of life skills tool."

If you would like to see more of James' excellent pictures you can find many at this link:


Congratulations, James!

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  1. James: Paradise Blue>7/28/09, 3:38 AM

    Hi there Terri!
    Thanks very much for the feature!
    I am very flattered, and happy to be a part of your Blog.