Integrity Toys "Boogie Beach" Dynamite Girls Collection

The new wave of Dynamite Girls has been unveiled and it is fantastic! There are seven new dolls, each dressed in a color of the rainbow and all looking wonderfully pretty. It looks like there are four or possibly five different skintones, seven hair color shades, seven adorable hairstyles and seven distinct facial screenings.

From left to right: Eltin, Aria, Gavin, T.J., Sooki, Reese, Jasper
Image property of Integrity Toys

According to Integrity, all the dolls except Eltin and Jasper are expected to be available at dealers at the end of August. Eltin and Jasper are expected to arrive at the end of September. At $39.99 each, they are certainly affordable. Each doll is limited to 300 each and I predict they will go fast, perhaps selling out long before November.

For those not familiar with Dynamite Girls, they are vinyl dolls with rooted hair and eyelashes. They are approximately 12 inches tall with many points of articulation. Their hands are removable at the wrist joint to make re-dressing easier.

Images property of Integrity Toys

The four dolls above are all Aria; the first three are from earlier waves. I see the line becoming more sophisticated and finding it's voice as it were. They're like 'entry level' Misaki dolls The expression "You've Come a Long Way, Baby" seems to fit.

If I collected this line of dolls, my pre-order would have already been placed! Hmmm...I do have two little girl cousins. *plotting purchase*

Not Boogie Beach but I wish I were there.


  1. Wow they are beautiful!!! i want so bad to have at least one! thanks for the pic!

  2. I have pre ordered 4 of them, but I think in the end I will have all 7 =)

    I think I am a Dynamite Girl Addicted =)

  3. Wow. I am starting to like some of the dolls..

    Do Gavin is the only one who still have the original Dynamite/EveKitten/MonieurZ, because Aria now has an open mouth, right?

  4. Ghost...I don't know because I never collected them. They are so cute.

  5. Terri, you've managed to enable me again! I discovered the Dynamite Girl Susie doll on your blog, and now I discover these DG beauties. I see 3 or 4 that I must have. Thanks for all of your updates :)

  6. I have jasper. She's my Kris munroe from Charlie's angels now with a little hair restyling. She looks so much like Cheryl Ladd -or is it just mine who does?

    Sadly I'm too late to get sookie eltin and tj :(

  7. Gosh! I love Aria! I'm waiting for this doll! Can wait to have it! :) Check my blog! :)