Tonner 2009 Fall/Holiday Preview Event

From 11 AM to 2 PM the Tonner Company Store in Kingston, New York was abuzz and busy with collectors from all over the tri-state area. Tonner's Fall/Holiday collection went live on the internet on July 31 and was displayed for all visitors to see in person today at the store. It was a cheerful and moderately attended event. Robert Tonner was there to chat and sign purchases. Designers Tom Courtney and Joe Petrolese circulated amongst the guests chatting up the new lines. Tom videotaped and photographed for the Tonner blog.

In this video, Tom discusses the back story of Sinister Circus, a new and unique line of circus "freaks" [masquerading as dolls.]

(I made the video with my new iPhone which is my latest and favorite toy.)
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