Tonner 2009 Fall/Holiday Line is Posted

Dust off those credit cards boys and girls....and get another job. You're going to be wide-eyed and hungry when you look at what the Tonner Doll Company is offering this season. I'm in total dolly shock right now.
They didn't just add to existing lines, they created new ones.
Wait until you see the Sinister Circus Collection:
The Hollywood Glamour Collection of Fashion Ensembles:
Monica Merrill:
Peggy Harcourt, DeeAnna Denton's new nemesis is stunning. Four new Re-Imagination characters are fabulously costumed and spirited. The supposed granddaughter of Daphne Dimples makes an appearance in the Tyler Wentworth line. And....wait for this....a new man is on the horizon! He is Simon Chase, Sydney's brother. He'll be clad in a tuxedo. Yay!
The Tyler dolls are offered in both new and old sculpts and the fashions are to die for.
The new Antoinette line grows larger with four more dressed dolls ranging in price from $174.99 to $249.99. Are you still with me? There are also three separate outfits for Antoinette and three more shoe packs.
I'll be at the Tonner Company store on August 1 to take pictures and gape at the new dolls with the other collectors.
Go to the Tonner Doll website to see the rest - yes, kiddies, there's more.

I have not escaped unscathed. I just pre-ordered Scintillating Ashleigh, a Two Daydreamers Exclusive, LE100. Ashleigh's sculpt is exclusive to Two Daydreamers and for the first time they have used her head which has been resized to fit Tonner's Antoinette body. When I saw these images I practically fell off my chair.
This gal is sure to sell out fast although they're not exactly giving her away. The retail price is $274.99. Until August 7 she is priced at $249.99. Expected to ship late September.

All images in this post are the property of the Tonner Doll Company.

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