Delilah Noir Re-Paint

One of the newest members of my tribe is a OOAK Delilah Noir from Ashton Drake. She's a new doll who is vinyl, 16" tall and has a combination of ball and strung joints with 14 points of articulation. With the ability to change her eyes and wigs, she's immensely useful. The factory product comes with two wigs and two outfits and the back story is that Delilah is innocent looking by day but changes at night. Could they have come up with a more tiresome story line?

Image property of Ashton Drake

In spite of that I was attracted to her when I saw the factory version but when I saw the repaint, I knew I had to have her. Mine was repainted by Michele Hardy and came to me nude with only a pair of black boots.

Some of Tyler's clothing items fit—but she needed her own wardrobe and wigs! I purchased a 6/7 Roxy wig and it looked very good on her.
Having found out that she could wear the 16" Goodreau American BJD clothes, I browsed over there and purchased two outfits. Paulette sent me a wig along with my purchases as a gift. I love it.
Here is Delilah wearing the Goodreau fashion, Cream Elegance, and the gifted wig. The necklace and bracelet are from a Teen Trends outfit.


  1. What a lovely doll--Michele always does wonderful face-ups, I think, and this BJD truly looks great.

    Beautiful photos, as always. I just love her in that Roxy wig. Cute!

  2. did she come with eyelashes originally or just with the repaint? thanks. ~i.b.

  3. To Anonymous: She was repainted and her eyelashes were replaced.

  4. I love your Delilah Noir custom! I'm thinking of getting a Delilah and doing some customizing, myself. Do you happen to know what size eyes she uses?

    By the way, I've also heard she fits nicely in Ellowyne Wilde clothing.

  5. I don't know what size eye she has.

  6. Delilah Noir Size Info

    Eye size: 10mm
    Wig size: 6/7
    Foot length: 2"
    Foot width: 3/4"
    Doll Height: 16"

    Hope this helps.


  7. i really like this. you are a very creative person. :)

  8. Terry Gold this doll is so pretty and I think I have one. I also collect all the dolls that you mentioned. I love the new wig on her, makes her look sassy cute. We both are members on many doll clubs on Facebook and I do love your beautiful dolls. I'm happy to hear other dolls can share clothes with her.