W Club On-Line Event

I'm making up for not posting much this month. It's the incessant rain which comes down in torrents every other day accompanied by thunderous claps and flashing skies. I've been busy getting the ark ready.
For more than two and one half hours on the evening of July 16, I sat at the computer along with scores of other W Club members logged on from all over the world to the W Club Forum in expectation of promised surprises.
The first Integrity designer to show up was Vaughn Sawyer. The questions started to fly. It was hard to keep up. Vaughn was able to answer only a few questions and most of the answers were teasingly kept vague. I think many collectors expected to be given sneaks but none were to be had. Jason made an appearance. David Buttry showed up. Percy Newsum dropped in.

Jason did say that we will be seeing an "unusual" star in the collection very soon! I'm ready for more multi-culturalism but it probably won't be Matisyahu.

Matisyahu, Hasidic Reggae Star
Also making an appearance was Agnes herself. Alain (I believe it was Alain) put on a terrific and funny performance as Agnes Von Weiss the Baroness. After about an hour, the tone of the event became very informal and silly.

Vaughn really gave it his best shot, keeping it straight...except when pressed about the possibility of new girls joining the NuFace line. He said, "Lukas is always recruiting new models, that pimp daddy that he is." Very funny stuff.
Pimp Doggy Costume

Is there another, wilder side of Vaughn trying to surface? He even stayed around after all the rest bailed. I've got to give the man credit for taking it all in stride from the obsessed collectors pressing him for information. I've met him several times and he has a nice, quiet (?) way about him so I wasn't surprised.

All of the images in this post were gathered from the internet.

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