Life of the Party - Wu Convention Fashion

I adore this fashion! Every attendee at the convention received this fashion at the Friday afternoon luncheon. It's just perfect in every way - the hot pink and black contrast is young and fresh and the little girl styling of the blouse and short flare skirt work together. The boots are faux suede and are remarkably easy to get on even over fishnet pantyhose. The handbag is another Fashion Royalty keeper in faux alligator with chains.
The first photograph has Kyori posing on one of the Dynamite Girl chairs we received in a package of 5 assorted colors. They make great props.


  1. I like the outfit but feel it is too young looking for most of the FR gals.

  2. That outfit is hot! I love the fishnet stockings the hot pink/black color combo. I agree that the fashion may be a bit young for some of the dolls, but it's a definite fit for the Nu.Face girls, or the twins - which I'm personally more partial to than say the Glamorous Collection girls (they're a bit too "severe" looking for me).

    I have to say, I really like the hint of black at the sleeves. It really makes the whole look a little more interesting.