Azalea Ice - the first Zita Charles Doll by Mel Odom/Integrity Toys

When this doll showed up on the F.A.O Schwarz site, I fell in love. I knew I wouldn't be able to add the doll to my collection but I wanted the gown. I posted a request for a collector to split this item with me and very soon a sharing partner appeared. I just love doll collectors.

Zita arrived today. Shipping took only two days. FAO always double boxes their dolls so the package arrived in pristine condition. Although she is listed at $180, there is a current 20% off coupon in effect bringing the price down to only $144.
She is much more beautiful than her photographs! Her eyes are lavender and her streaked hair is unique. It is also rock hard and I guess that is a good thing because most of the long-time Gene collectors are used to hard hair.
The gown is designed and made beautifully. The main fabric is a silver-gray satin covered by silver tulle with a metallic design running throughout. The chiffon train is three shades of pink. It feels like silk and drapes beautifully. The same three colors make up part of the bodice. The shoes are silver and have a rhinestone on top. The jewelry is silver metal with rhinestones. I'm not sure what color the gloves are -ivory or light pink.


  1. Gorgeous photos, and a gorgeous doll. I just love the gown! Thanks for sharing!

  2. She is lovely! I really like her streak. Can you forward the coupon code to us?
    Your phots are so sharp and clear..thanks for posting them. FAO's photos are always lackluster and are never close enough.
    Where did you get that miniature Tony award? That is the best part of the shoot!
    Cheers! Darin

  3. Darin: You can get the award at the Metrodolls' website:

  4. my name is zita
    so wierd that they would use it fo a doll though