Luchia "Bewitching Hour" W Club Doll #2

The second W Club doll was announced recently. Here is Integrity's description:
Luchia models a "supervillan" inspired look mixed with true haute style. Luchia rocks a haute couture mini in the palest of pink hues, accented with micro-pleated detail at the bust. Her black knee-length trenchcoat stands out with a number of fabulous details including buckles that highlight the three-quarter sleeve and an oversized "leather" studded belt with lace-up closure. Black gloves, earrings and a black chrome cuff bracelet round out the ensemble. The look is completed with potentially the hottest footwear ever done for Fashion Royalty, a pair of mile-high strappy gladiator boots that would make even Carrie Bradshaw jealous!

Luchia's golden blonde locks, blush skintone (a first for Luchia) and vampy makeup

palette add the perfect complement to her "haute" outfit!

The coat looks nice. I can't tell what the dress is made from. I just get the impression that she just got out of bed, put on a wig and still needs some makeup. I think she needs a whip or perhaps a long sword like the one the Highlander kept under his coat? The gladiator boots, the pink mini dress, the helmet hair....OMG...this doll would be laughed out of my showcase. Just to be honest, Luchia is not my favorite sculpt and there are many people excited about this edgy doll.

Photographs courtesy Integrity Toys.


  1. Looks like a Madonna wannabe to me....

  2. The more outre the better I always say. When you move away from classic or elegant you always take a risk--but I like edgey. Regarding the hair, lately it has been a blob enshrined in a casing of shellac. After washing it will probably wind up looking like GP Eugenia and FAO Natalia's hair. Speaking of Eugenia, have you tired of Fine Jewel yet? She's very ugly you know!! LauraLA

  3. Laura, you are a riot! I haven't even played with Fine Jewel yet. Who has time? So many dolls; so little time.