Dressmaker Details - More Isn't Always Better

When Stephen Fraser began designing for the 11 - 12 inch crowd, he stated that his fashions would be similar to those his wife might wear. I took that to mean they would be classic designs, not overdone or gaudy. There have been many fashions that fulfilled that description that were lovely and simple and enhanced the appearance of the dolls. Some of them were a bit dowdy-looking because of the colors used; many of them had fitting issues and most of them included accessories that looked cheap.
I have avoided buying any DD fashions first hand for the last two years. Those that I did buy were sold to others not long after arriving in my collection. On impulse I purchased a new outfit at the Wu Convention recently. This is called Kalyna. According to Wikipedia, Kalyna is a highbush cranberry plant found in East Central Alberta Canada. It's flowers are white and the red fruits which look like cranberries are edible.
OK...so now I know why the outfit was called Kalyna - it's red. It has white flowers in the spring and bright red edible berries in the fall. The stole is white. That's where the outfit's sense ends.
It looked really cute on the model at the show table. I needed more red clothes for my holiday doll picture.
I put it on one of my prettiest dolls and took it off an hour later. This image is from the Dressmaker Details website and it's a great picture! I love the white couch and the 'painting' behind it.

The first thing I did when I took it out of it's package was to remove the small ribbon bow which holds a tear drop shaped rhinestone at the bust line. It just didn't make sense with all that other jewelry. It comes with thigh high panty hose which never stay up so I just left them in the box. The necklace is over-scaled for these dolls. I may put it on one of my 16 inch gals The earrings have an odd aurora borealis bead between the stud and the dangle; I removed it. It was at that point that I realized that things were added to the ensemble just to have more stuff. More isn't always better and it doesn't make up for a lack of fine design. The little white gloves and cheap-looking stole were useless. The silver clutch bag has sparkly ornamentation on the flap. Meh.
And then we have the shoes. At least they fit.
I am spoiled by the haute couture of Jason Wu's fashions. When other companies charge similar prices to those of Integrity Toys, I have come to expect similar quality and I am disappointed.
Can you guess how much this outfit cost? I feel like such a jerk. It was $85.00. I know. Stop laughing.


  1. Now I am glad I resisted the urge to buy it when I saw it at the Conv. mainly the skirt/design was just really not my type, although I did love the color. On the other hand I just (minutes ago) paid for preorders of 2 of their fashions, only the sketches are available at this moment, hope they don't have similar fit/quality problems.

  2. I sincerely loved it on Luchia at the table, but I kinda see where you are coming from, If I am able to buy it I will see what i will keep. Thank you for another fine review my lady!

  3. Mandy...open your purchases carefully. I have never had a problem returning anything to them when I emailed in advance. Steven is very considerate that way.

  4. I love this fashion. It is a classic, mid-century couture design and fits the FR gals and silkies beautifully. I have never been dissappointed in any DD outfits...ever!

    I do not understand how you can see an outfit modeled on a doll at the sale table and buy it, but then try it on a doll at home and dislike it, huh?

    This is a convention exclusive and I think the extra big jewels are to follow the theme. A simple crystal choker would have worked better. The Kalyna necklace is more "Eye of Prussia" than the ring that we got as part of the convention. LOL!

    Than ks for the thoughtful review and for defining =what the name meant! I love you blog.