Tatyana - New Fashion Royalty Character

I look up everything on Wikipedia.

Tatyana is a Slavic female name derived from the Roman name Tatianus, which was derived from the Roman clan name Tatius. Saint Tatiana is considered a patron saint of students and Tatiana Day is now an official school holiday for students in Russia. There was a Princess Tatiana Konstantinovna of Russia (right) and her distant cousin Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia. (below)

I might also add that Tatiana is the name of a Siberian tiger who bit a zookeeper's arm severely and about one year later, after an escape from the tiger grotto, killed one patron who had been taunting the tiger and injured two others. The tiger was killed by police.
Fortunately none of these pictures looks in any way like the doll we received on the last night of the 2008 Jason Wu Convention, although the Princess looks to have been quite beautiful. Our Tatyana has pale porcelain-looking 'skin' and is wearing an unusual dress and hat as you can see in my photos.

The dress is constructed meticulously and fits perfectly. The shoes echo the royal blue and black of the garment. She sports a large faceted blue rhinestone ring which I love and her earrings and bracelet match except fot the big plastic drop hanging from the earring. That is the only sour note in the entire ensemble. Why the big blue plastic blob when the rest of the jewelry is metal and rhinestones?
The hat sits well atop her updo. It is a stunning hat but I need a faux fur wrap to match, perhaps with little fox heads and tails. That would be so fun.
Today I changed her outfit. I took some time holding garments up to her face to find a color that would not make her look washed out. Here are the results:

Tatyana is wearing a gown made by a Thai dressmaker and Agnes' Drama Behind the Drama faux fur coat. I think she is staying.

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