Randall Craig Ready To Wear Fashion

The first is called A Little Moonlight. This ensemble was sold out at the major dealers fast. It is a lovely gray with silver dot chiffon halter dress circled at the waist by a silver belt. The accessories are clear beaded cluster earrings, silver handbag and shoes.
None of the shoes from any outfit fit properly. They don't go on all the way although they are not too small. They're just not made properly. This silver handbag is slightly misaligned and doesn't close all the way. It has velcro which is not strong enough to hold it shut.
Overall the outfit is beautiful and it's a keeper.
The model is a True Royalty who has been rerooted. She is wearing her own bracelet and shoes from Jennifer Sue.

The next outfit is called Solitude. LE 100. It is a slim column of satin with a band of sequins and gold braiding at the shoulder/neckline. Just under this neckline the dress is gathered. According to the Randall Craig website, the fabric is cut on the bias in order to create the lovely drape.
The accessories are dangling gold and black earrings, 4 small gold bangles, a gold clutch bag and shoes (that don't fit.)
The Model is She Means Business Veronique whose hair has been restyled by a Thai dressmaker. She is wearing black specator pumps with gold heels from Jennifer Sue and a "diamond" ring from Hilda.

The last is called April in Paris. This outfit consists of a beautifully constructed sleeveless chiffon print top, high waisted skirt with a gold belt. The accessories are a gold handbag, earrings and shoes. There is a papery flower as well. I really love this outfit but the skirt is a bit too tight. It's difficult to get the stand between the doll's legs and the tightness shows up in the crease across the hips. It is a great, classic day outfit and another keeper in spite of the small sizing issue.
The model is the new doll in Fashion Royalty's Hollywood Royalty series, Josephine Baker. She is wearing her own shoes.

I admire Randall Craig and his work. He himself is a master tailor. I have seen fashions he has remodeled into fabulous creations. These fashions are constructed in a very professional fashion. There is no scrimping on the tailoring. The shoes were disappointing but they were run of the mill plastic pumps and my own collection of shoes is more suitable for these fashions.


  1. Thanks for your reviews. The outfits are lovely.

  2. These are incredible fashions. Thanks for sharing them and for showing them on your dolls. I haven't bought any Randall Craig outfits to date, but I love the way they look like elegant real fashions.