Integrity Toys "Cinematic Convention" Post #1

W Club members started to get the photos of the convention dolls on October 21 but we were told to keep all of them confidential until Sunday the 25th.  I've seen a bunch of photos of the dolls posted on at least one dealers' site, on eBay and elsewhere. I don't see the purpose of withholding images from an event like this. Everyone wants to see convention dolls ASAP!!!!

So this is going to be a photo intense re-cap which I will break down into sections.

Welcome Cocktail Dressed Dolls 

"High Frequency" and  "Heart Stopper" (Price $125. or $130.)
The ITBE Collection   Each LE215
 Attendees chose one in advance.

Registration Welcome Bag Giveaway
Included in the cost of registration. "On Set" 

The Convention Collection 
Priced at $130. each except for Agnes who was $196.20 with tax. I'm guessing that those who pre-ordered the entire collection did not have to pay any tax at all. CA tax is pretty high.

Sparkle, Poppy, Sparkle!
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
The Beautiful People
Chip Farnsworth III™ Fashion Figure
Feminine Perspective
Agnes Von Weiss™ Dressed Doll Mini-Giftset

Star Power
Vanessa Perrin™ Dressed Doll

Inner Spark Natalia FatalĂ©™ Dressed Doll
Love the gown.

Perfectly Suited
Giselle Diefendorf™ Dressed Doll
In Rouges Erin S.™ Dressed Doll

Workshop Dolls
Priced at $130. plus tax.

Lash Out!
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll (Workshop Kit)
The dress is not up to par IMO unless it was supposed to be baby doll pajamas.

Up All Night
Lillith™ Dressed Doll (Workshop Doll)

Director's Cut
Ace McFly Dressed Figure (Workshop Doll)
I would have signed up for him!


  1. The convention dolls were $141.70 each because of tax
    The ITBE dolls were $80 each.
    The workshop dolls were $120 each, no tax.

    1. I'm going by the quotes another collector provided to me.

    2. I see. But they are not correct. I'm sorry. For example, the tickets for the souvenir shop for the convention dolls clearly read 141.70. I was there. You can also verify by checking out flickr where people posted those. I bought workshop dolls and only paid 120, no tax. The ITBE dolls did not cost 125 or 130, they cost $80.

    3. Thanks for your help.