2015 Cinematic Convention: Thursday Night Recap: Poppy Parker Luncheon, OOAK Auction Dolls, Sales Room Exclusives. Post #3

 While today was all about workshops and shopping, the day's highlight was the Poppy Parker Luncheon featuring star designer David Buttry!
Lucky conventioneers got the chance to purchase today's fabulous luncheon centerpiece doll. Then, as the event closed, everyone in attendance received an ultra cute Poppy Parker doll for free as a thank you gift for attending the luncheon. The air was electric all over again!
Here are images of the centerpiece and the complementary Poppy Parker doll available at the luncheon today!

Love and Let Love
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll (Centerpiece) $150.

Paper Doll
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll (Giveaway Souvenir)

I'm curious as to what charity this auction benefits. Or is there no charity? A convention of this scale should include some charitable event.
A tradition that started a few years back continues this year with the introduction of four new OOAK (one of a kind) creations by the IT Design team, which convention guests can enter to win raffle style! In addition to these four exquisite, ultra rare birds of beauty, convention guests also get to participate for the first time in raffles for chances to win their favorite complete collection of 2015!
OOAK Agnes Von Weiss Doll by IT Designer Vaughn Sawyers

OOAK Vintage Inspired Doll by IT Designer Chris Stoeckel
 Gorgeous fashion.
OOAK Poppy Parker Doll by IT Designer David Buttry

OOAK Nu. Face Lilith Doll by IT Designer Jessy Ayala


Sales Room Exclusives  $130. plus tax. (Yes, even more dolls.)

Idol Worship Kyori Sato™ Dressed Doll
First Blush Ayumi N.™ Dressed Doll

Evening Blossom Dominique Makéda

Traveling Incognito Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll

Come Live With Me Nigel North™ Dressed Doll

Thursday Night Gala Event Souvenirs
Time and Again Adèle Makéda® Dressed Doll (Thursday Dinner Centerpiece) $150.
This is a lovely doll but not centerpiece quality.
Out of Sight Nadja R.™ Dressed Doll (Giveaway Souvenir) 
Have they changed Nadja's sculpt again?


  1. Those OOAK dolls are not for an auction. They are apart of the raffle. So anyone has the chance to get them if they can afford to buy a raffle ticket and puts in for the doll has the chance to win one.

  2. That is the same Nadja sculpt introduced earlier this year.

  3. I spent $60 on tickets and felt so stupid for doing so later. The boxes were absolutely FULL by the end of the raffle so the chances of winning anything (and there were very very few things to be won) were ridiculously small. Integrity must make a TON of cash from this event. It was a good lesson though- if I ever go again I will NEVER buy a single raffle ticket.

  4. I got burned at the last convention with raffle tickets, so this time I did not bother wasting even a dime on these.

    I, too, found the selection of things to win sparse and kind of pointless. I mean, I had ordered most of the dolls, like FR, Poppy and NuFace. Sure, I guess I could try and sell the ones I got two of and walk away with a nice profit, but it wasn't enough of an incentive for me to gamble away my precious and hard earned dollars.I might as well play the lottery.

    The grab bags were also mostly zonks - lots of Jem dolls (gee, I wonder why....oh yeah maybe because no one buys those) and maybe one out of 20 boxes something decent. Gone are the days of getting really cool stuff. They are using the grab bags these days to unload dolls that would otherwise collect dust in the warehouse - or probably have going by the looks of it. I made the mistake of buying one and then just selling her at below cost and never looked back.

    1. I'll keep it simple - that sucks.

  5. Too many side-glancing dolls. Every time I saw one that I liked, she was side-glancing. No thank you. I don't collect them.
    Great collection though!

  6. Did anyone else have the problem with the posts on the earrings from this collection coming off? I tried repairing them with superglue but it didn't work :-(