Color Infusion Style Lab: 2015 Cinematic Convention Post #2

This year's COLOR INFUSION STYLE LAB at the CINEMATIC Convention represents a departure from the looks offered in the past during this activity. 
To celebrate the Cinematic theme, designer Vaughn Sawyers was inspired by old Hollywood for this collection and each character offered at the event represents one specific movie star of the golden era of Hollywood. Can you guess who they are?
The collection has a bold new look, fresh new packaging designed to protect the dolls and incredible outfits. Those who purchased the entire collection this year were simply thrilled with the choices. 

This year, the collection is composed of 12 dolls and 12 separate outfits. And for the first time since the start of this activity, the edition size per style is 600 pieces across the board. This was decided to ensure that each convention guest would get an equal chance to own one of each of these exciting characters!
 Text is quoted from IT release.

Color Infusion nude dolls  $45.  ($540 for all)
Color Infusion fashions  $35 ($420 for all)
All CI items are taxed 9% at point of sale.
If you were to buy the entire collection of 24 items your total would come to $1046.40.
Monroe Jillian  in Golden Moment

Dree Hill in Rebel Desire
 Tobias Alsford in Stars in Your Eyes

Adaline King in Passion
 Jaeme Costas in Mine All Mine
 Callum Windsor in Wild One
 Declan Wake in Debonair
 Fabiana Diaz in Shanghai Bound

 Keiron Morel in Tropical Sunset
 Fan Xi in Dark Victory
Sterling Riese in Natural Talent

Miles Morgan in Blue Suede Shoes

Pretty unbelievable, right? This is like an entire doll collection rolled up into one.


  1. Now that the DG's are no longer the lower cost fun dolls, these were the new lower cost fun convention dolls for the last several years, but are now just as costly as the regular line dressed dolls, if you add in the fashion. It looks like much time and effort was put into these dolls and the CI's are taking over the convention ..I like most of them, (but a few, like some of the other dolls in the convention, had issue with too much yellow in the vinyl heads imo) and they are fun, but I do think, just maybe, that the centerpiece dolls may be suffering from a wee bit of neglect.

  2. I think 5 of the guys and four of the girls look really nice. I don't know what they look like IRL but I'd hope that their vinyl remains stable.

  3. I really liked this collection- they put a lot of detail into the outfits. I loved that they were based on Old Hollywood actors and actresses- it was fun trying to figure out just which ones...

  4. I love the old Hollywood inspired movie outfits and bought a few. Having never owned a Color Infusion doll, I was shocked at how big the shoes were. What's up with that?