Purse of the Month Club

I've often been asked how to join the Purse of the Month Club and I thought this would be a good subject for a blog post.
Every month, sisters Diana Wieler and Janet Ellis, send an email out to their mailing list with the Purse of the Month offerings. It's not just a purse, although you can buy just the purse.
They also offer coordinate ensembles, separates, accessories and a higher category called "Elite."

They do take requests to a certain extent as to size of a 12" doll body and length of skirt. I collected their bags for approximately three years and I adore them. They are made exceptionally well with wonderful fabrics and perfect little hardware. Now they're also offered in a scale to suit 16" dolls as well as 12" dolls.

Here is a very old photo showing bag, purse and shoes. I believe the outfit was also something they made.

This month's purses are influenced by Lulu Guinness bags. They are precious! Either bag is $32. plus shipping.

You might like the Lulu Library Tote that comes with a chiffon scarf for $30.

Please send all orders to:  dianawieler@sympatico.ca

To view the handbags, Tote Set and Dress, click here:

To view the Special Edition Gift Totes, click here:

Finally, to view the Elite Ensemble, click here:

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