"Museum Day" Fashion Design by K Exclusively for R&D

 Rudi Teruel has been selling very limited editions of fashions made by various artists these past few months. They sell out rather fast and he advertises them only on Facebook.
This fashion is called "Museum Day." It came in a long-sleeved version in a red colorway. Originally there was a white ribbon belt and white ribbon straps which I removed. I thought the red belt looked more substantial and the dress obviously didn't need straps so I cut them off.
The quality of the fabric was surprising as is the very good construction of the panel skirt. It's fully lined with a light woven interfacing and all seams are finished. The dress snaps in the rear. Impressive! All this plus overseas postage for only $41.

The bag is a Birkin copy from the Purse of the Month Club and the red sunglasses and shoes are Fashion Royalty.

Below, Vanessa models the previous R&D fashion I received in August.