A Compilation of Photos & Descriptions from Neutron Prom, a London Sybarite Event

This past weekend, those collectors lucky enough to be able to attend the  2015 Sybarite Convention "Neutron Prom" in London, England were treated to wonderful dolls, fashions and a Chalk White event. 

Izzy beautifully described her experience on Prego.
The venue was spectacular - a secret room in one of the old big Victorian railway hotels rediscovered behind bricks and plaster when the hotel was redesigned as a luxury boutique venue about four years ago.

Marble steps and columns, black and white tiled floor, chairs from carved wood and leather - looking like thrones, white candles flickering everywhere......and above it all this incredible painted and gilded and sculptured ceiling with the signs of the zodiac and other mystical symbols.

Yeah.....despite the gorgeous blue and gold painting and the beautiful room.....all eyes were on the four pedestal cabinets precisely lined up in the centre of the room.

To discordant yet beautiful music we made our way from the Zodiac perfume launch to our seats in this magical room.

The music changed.....and with Charles and Des looking gorgeous in their formal evening dress at the end of the room....a voice began to speak.

As the voice described how we were all gathered together for a single purpose a breathless hush descended....and finally the voice queried what was behind the curtain.

Suddenly lights illuminated the cabinets and we could see colour/shape/pose/outlines...... there were the girls we had come to London to see! Even through the black drapes we knew we were in for an exhibit of truly amazing beauty.

In silent unison Charles and Des walked along the room removing each black drape and revealing the full glory of the collection.

For a few seconds we sat in stunned silence unsure of what to do next or where to look next...AND THEN WE RAN TO THE CABINETS!!!!!

Twelve beautiful girls....one named for each sign of the Zodiac although we didn't get to know that until much later.

A mixture of DC and Venus faces.....I'm not sure of the actual split but possibly somewhere around equal numbers of each.

Vibrant shiny glossy hair colours....some teased out into beautiful styles and others hanging in fabulous ringlets. I may be wrong but I think the hair colours were in four groups to represent the air/fire/earth/water signs in blues, blondes, auburn and brunettes (not in that order). All the colours were beautifully saturated with the blondes having delicious golden strawberry tones and I think all were slightly different shades.

Lips were a mixture of soft corals, vermilion, deep red, plum......gorgeous shades!

Colour was everywhere but looking totally fresh....almost like freshly dried paint on some of the gowns which appeared to be sewn literally from "old masters"! The girls themselves were rising out of a bed of undulating plain artists canvasses I think...at least that was my impression.

Most were dressed in full length gowns but with totally original shapes and trims....I do remember at least one girl in a cocktail length strapless gown too.

Gold snakeskin slippers with sparkling jewelled soles...some with fur pompoms or buckles or trims.

And.....acupressure maps on their palms!

Here is a photo of the cabinets posted by Superdoll on Facebook


Janina Fiehl has been extremely helpful in explaining the events so I could pass the information on. All of this information and all the photos below were provided by her.
Registration took place on Thursday. Attendees received "Vanity" and had the opportunity to chat with other collectors at the Salon.
On Friday evening, guests received Pandora and Mischief and the new Superdoll perfume, Zodiac!
That evening, the Chalk White exhibit took place as well. 
On Saturday there was a formal dinner and the beautiful (resin) "Dawn Star" doll was given.

Pandora Gift Set
Pandora Gift Set
Pandora Gift Set
Dawn Star
Dawnstar is French resin and was literally made from old bodies they had left over from a OOAK collection.  It is a material they used for very few dolls. 


Simon Farnsworth of Doll Observers.com posted a detailed write up and a few more photos at this link: http://dollobservers.com/blog/sanctum-a-superdoll-chalk-white-exhibit


  1. Just a bit more info on Dawnstar's body for those unfamiliar with its history.

    I'm fairly sure she is the first limited edition doll with the Venus head sculpt on this body but the dolls for superdoll's break out event at a Paris Fashion Doll Festival, Yves and Patience, also share this body but with different heads.

    The accompanying OOAK collection, "War + Peace", featured Venus dolls on this body as did the smaller "GHB" collection sold through the salon and the "Autopilot" twins.

    The "War + Peace" dolls are the ones seen in the BBC documentary.

    Dawnstar was a special surprise...a doll that was an "extra" on top of the items confirmed in our package when we registered for the event.

    1. Thanks for all the info, Izzy.

  2. I'll have to peek at DollObservers later, I can't seem to get to the site at the moment. As a fan of astrology, though, the exhibit sounds amazing! Looking forward to seeing more of Dawnstar, what a lovely surprise gift.

    Still not loving the vinyls, although Pandora looks rather like Couture Savage to me! Love the outfits she comes with.

    1. This morning there were some leftover dolls on Superdoll's website -- I managed to snag a Pandora giftset! Looks like Vanity is available at the moment (she wasn't up before).

    2. Lucky you! I slept really late this morning and missed Pandora. I would have loved that one. I did manage to get Miss Chief.