Fashion Royalty Fine Print Elise Jolie Review

The Elise Jolie dolls are simply the only remaining Fashion Royalty dolls that interest me. And even though they've gone back to producing Vanessa 1.0, my completist attitude to her has been broken. Yay.

Fine Print is a sophisticated looking doll. She is dressed for a day at the office, in the boardroom or seeing clients. Hopefully, it's warm inside as the dress is sleeveless under her faux cashmere coat.
Every piece of the fashion has been made beautifully. The dress is detailed and fits perfectly.

 The detail that is missing is the opening bag. This one is sewn shut. Disappointing cost cutting measure.
Look at the excellent seaming details. The construction is flawless.

Jewelry - it's a different design and is just OK. It does sparkle up what might otherwise be a drab as in olive drab, ensemble.

She comes with her hands painted in a tan color. The color doesn't work at all as it doesn't make enough of a contrast between her skin tone and the coat color. I could barely get one hand out to try them on. I'd have to warm her arms to remove both hands if I wanted to. I can repaint the hands myself and I'd do them black to match her shoes.

The promotional doll was shown with the black belt over the coat. I prefer the coat open and so I just did not use the belt.

The jury is still out on her hairstyle. It's appropriate for the way she's dressed but it has no sex appeal at all. The best thing about it is the color and the fact that it's gelled to within an inch of it's life so it will never get messed up.

All things being said, I'm happy to add her to my Elise cabinet.


  1. I am sooo happy that you like her, I will have mine soon, can't wait. I agree on the hairstyle, not sure I like it completely. Unfortunately, my nerves never hold, so I will do something about her hair down the road, for sure.

    1. Let us know what you think when you get yours.

  2. So classy and sophisticated. Love Love Love!!

  3. Hey Terri! My Elise bag does open. It is a flap with three parts. Just pull on them and they slide out of the buckle strap. Don

    1. OK...I'll have to spend more time looking at it in that case. Thank you.