Tonner's 2013 Fall Holiday Preview

Today the new line of Tiny Kitty dolls was posted on Tonner's website along with Patsy, Agnes Dreary, Willy Wonka, Cami and Ballerinas. You can see them all at http://www.tonnerdoll.com/latest-releases.
Here are the Tiny Kittys:
Dinner Dance-Dressed Doll-$139.99
Dinner Dance - This is the dress under the coat.

Pink Champagne Supper - Dressed Doll - $139.00
Basic Necessities Kitty - Basic Doll - $79.99
Garden Club Luncheon Dressed Doll $139.99
Perfect Summer Day Outfit $79.99
I Danced All Night - Outfit - $89.99
Wine and Roses Outfit $79.99
I have mentioned many times that I have a large Tiny Kitty collection and that I am very happy to see TK return. My first impressions on this collection are mixed. I like Dinner Dance, Pink Champagne Supper and I Danced All Night and will most likely add them to my collection. I don't care for the wig on the basic doll. Usually when Tonner offers a wigged doll, he also offers for sale separate wigs. It would have been a good value if an additional wig were included.
I think the Garden Club Luncheon overwhelms the doll and the shoulders of the dress look awkward. I do love a doll with a hat, though.
So, for me, three items out of a 7 item collection is pretty good.
I hope the line continues to be popular and that we see more well-designed outfits.

Did you know that quite a few of Tiny Kitty's fashions will fit Silkstone dolls and several of the early Fashion Royalty fashions will fit her as well? There are many fashions out there from assorted manufacturers and doll lines that will fit. See if you can identify these.


  1. not a big fan of Tonner dolls, I just feel they are rather pedestrian.

    1. Wow. Thanks for sharing your insightful and interesting review. Keep up the good work.

  2. To those who are posting anonymous criticism. MAN UP. Sign your name or you won't be published.

  3. Hmmm---I'll try guessing the non-TK fashions:

    1) FR Life On The Runway coat with possible Misaki boots.
    2) FR Intoxicating Mix Vanessa's fashion.
    3) Coca Cola Waitress Barbie's fashion.
    4) I haven't the foggiest, though it fits her well.
    5) FR Hot Topic dress.
    6) FR Bollywood sweater dress.
    7) FR NuFace OGO Colette's dress with UO Nadja's sweater.
    8) Monsieur Z Fly Girl's dress.
    9) The Baseball Barbie Yankees outfit (I think there was a Cubs one too, wasn't there?)
    10, 11, and 12) I have no idea.
    13) This looks very familiar, but I wouldn't venture a guess.
    14) And again, not a clue.

    Did I get enough right to win a cool hat made with unloved barbie heads? lol.


  4. Well done, my friend! Thanks for the laugh and for taking the time to guess. I will publish the list later today.

  5. They're cute. At first glance, I thought several were DeeAnna Dentons. I didn't realize how similar their sculpts are, or maybe it is the face ups now.