Superdoll's Sybarite LAWN

Tempted but I'm not going there. I have dolly overload; however, I adore the fashion. Will someone please get the outfit for me?
Dressed doll costs approximately $540. (US) plus postage. I wonder if this will be the Monoglam doll that sells out. All the others are still available. Things sure have changed.


GEN 3:2
Inque clone: 0602, Ruby skintone!

Eyes of glamour jade, lids dusted in lime, emerald and aubergine eyeshadow, double liner to top lid in vanilla and black. Lips of transparent aubergine with coral liner.
Sporting a one piece pistachio dress with bodice of tulle encapsulating floating inner bodice of gorgeous guippure and volumous organza 'day length' skirt trimmed with a band of guipure lace.
Hair of happy pistachio in mohair, pulled back from her face for that 'lace front widows peak' look, and divided into 2 braids which combine to form a figure 8 in the back. Wig is trimmed in silk ribbon bows that add to the breezy aura of summers colourfull times.
Accessories consist: minute 3 row crystal band belt with organza bow detailing which echoes those cute little bows on the cut out sleeve detail of her dress bodice. AW tag earrings,MONOGRAM clutch, matching hose and the daintiest, most delicious pistachio stiletto courts ever to grace the Sybarites!

Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes. >!!VIEW SUPERIMAGE!!<
In stock

Price: £349.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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