Sandra Stillwell Presents: "Every Day's A Holiday" Souvenir Fashions

The amount of stuff I came home with from Kansas City borders on the obscene. Besides the things I bought, we were given an incredible array of fashions and swag. Today I had some time to photograph most of the souvenir outfits.
All the ensembles came with gloves but I'm not the most patient dolly dresser and I just didn't put most of them on.
Patriotic Promenade
Silver Bells
Waiting For Saint Nick
Waiting For Saint Nick
Romantic Rendezvous
The dolls are mine as we did not get dolls as souvenirs. However....I did win a centerpiece Vita and I also won two Tonner dolls in the raffle. I was very lucky. More about that later.

Those of us who went on Thursday's tour will be getting a fantastic replica of a late 40's TWA hostess fashion. This is a picture of the prototype.
We got an adorable felt circle skirt decorated with Christmas symbols. Other swag included handbags, hats, paper miniatures, and so much more.

Wait until you see the rest of the goodies! Stay tuned.


  1. That Pan Am hostess prototype outfit is AMAZING.

  2. The A-Tisket-A-Tasket fashion is amazing! <3