Pictures from Every Day's A Holiday - Kansas City - Part V

Pictures from Every Day's A Holiday - Kansas City - Part V:  Toy and Miniature Museum; Union Station; Kansas City Museum
I have about 300 photos to upload so I am going to do them in segments. I'm uploading here in small size. If you want to see enlarged images, just click on the image you want to see. 
The Toy and Miniature Museum was beyond belief. I can't begin to express to you the quality and quantity of miniatures contained therein. I could have spent two days there. At every turn in the glorious former mansion were rooms filled with the finest displays you can imagine. If you ever get the chance, you must visit.


Yes, this is a Charles James
WWI Museum - We did not visit. This is across from Union Station


  1. So, did you manage to leave the museum without, you know stealing anything? LOL, my palms would be itching the entire time I was there, maybe it's someplace I should stay away from :-)

    1. I did manage to spend some time in the giftshop. You would have loved it.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all of these photos. What a wonderful place to be able to visit!

  3. Dear Terri,

    Thank you for all your incredible photos and commentary. I have been to events and taken my little pics which are usually not too great..lol...anyway...in any case, it is a lot of work to post and comment, etc. It is truly a labor of love.

    The giftshop looks amazing!! Thanks again!


  4. Thank you for sharing these photos with all of us. I sometimes think the labor of love of detail is a dying art. The artwork in the displays and the buildings is amazing. I particularly love the display of a miniature curved staircase with the tiny white chihuahua sitting patiently, the miniature glassware and the scroll saw work on the dollhouse. I thoroughly enjoyed joining you on the journey.

    1. Thank you for looking at the photos. I love that room, too.

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