My Easter Bonnet and Basket

You can stop wondering why I purchased so many cheap Barbies. Here is the hat I made for the Easter themed meal event in Kansas City.

 The hat is made from three styrofoam wreath forms which I wrapped in ribbon. The crown of the hat is cut from a dollar store straw hat and hot glued in. I glued in thick piping cord to cushion the hat as it is quite heavy. The ties are pinned and hot glued.

My husband cut off legs and arms for me and I tossed in a few extra heads that were left over. Everything was embellished with trinkets that I had in my sewing room and broken bits of doll jewelry. It was a great way to get rid of stuff I will never use. The curly stuff on the top of the hat is from a bag of doll hair from Michaels.

Altogether the project cost about $60. The styrofoam forms were the most expensive part of the hat. I had everything else except the Barbies. People sold them to me for the cost of shipping! There are a lot of worthless Barbie dolls out there just waiting to be cut apart.


  1. Oh no! I saw Elise?

  2. Did you kill Elise or is she removable? Totally cool hat, Terri! Way to go! don

    1. She was a damaged doll that I had to destroy to get a replacement head. Remember when they arrived too pink?

    2. IT had me send mine back. I think those heads will show up in the grab bags or something in the future. I loved that original tone...it just doesn't match any IT body. I think it's clever that her head is on one side and her pony is on the other. Your classes must have been great! I am a teacher and we start next week. The district, the Common Core, and the "new" curriculum is all a big panic, as usual. Maybe images of your fun retirement can keep me going! don

    3. When you receive a damaged doll, if they tell you to send it back, ask for postage or offer to destroy the doll and send pictures. It's not fair to have you pay extra postage for their damages. They just toss the damaged dolls anyway.

  3. Now you need killer stiletto necklace and earrings to complete the set!!!