Tonner Posts Left Over Convention Dolls

As I suspected would happen too soon after the event, Tonner Doll has acted in a lightning fast mode and posted the leftover convention products.

You've seen all the other dolls already but one doll that may be a surprise is this resin bjd Sydney called Sydney does Halloween. She is a limited edition of only 50 pieces and is listed at $510. How many would you like to order?

Sydney Does Halloween  TDC Photo

 She is quite beautiful but the netting over her face and hair kept the convention goers from seeing what she looked like. On the last day someone pushed the net up off her eyes.

Another doll I did not post about is called Black Flame. The unique thing about this doll is that she comes with two pairs of hands. The black ones are resin and clutch the candelabra. She comes with another pair that match her vinyl. $210.

This is Cinderella aka "Unhappily Ever After." Apparently the professional photographer was afraid of the Queen of the Zombies so he never got around to taking her picture. $185.

Not quite sure who took this picture. 
It was noted that the salt and pepper shakers are not included. Drats!

If you need the Halloween Totes, email me. I have two;  I'll make you a good deal and a nice sandwich.


  1. The tote almost looks like a trunk at first. It just zips open at the top, right?

  2. @Elizabeth: Yes, there is a zipper that extends off the top a little on each side. It holds a lot of candy. The best part is the shoulder strap. It's pretty large - about 17.5 inches tall!

  3. What kind of sandwich?

  4. wow... that "Sydney does Halloween" is breathtaking. Even with the mask over her face. I'd love to have her. Not for redressing purposed, but because I think she's perfect to stay as is. To display. Love her!