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Another convention under our belts! It's so interesting to go to conventions put on by varied doll manufacturers.  The dolls are amazing but more than that is interacting with the employees of a doll company like this one. Listening to Robert Tonner talk about himself, his sculpting, decision making and creative process is enlightening. He talks about the company and getting licenses ... or not getting them.  He introduces his pattern makers, designers, tech people and who knows what else they do but they're all there! There are no great mysteries about who designed what or what's coming up or why something wasn't done. There's no reason for secrecy. He's funny, droll and his love of costumes is amazing. They all dress up. I'm guessing that's the first thing they agree to when they are interviewed. They probably don't ask for a resume´; they just want to see who you've been for the last five Halloweens.  You know I'm kidding but it's definitely a company that plays.
I am thrilled with my purchase of the Queen of Hearts centerpiece. I have her set up in my dining room temporarily and she is entrancing with her stern gaze and sculptural cheekbones. I love her!

During the coming week I will take time to photograph her with my studio camera. She is a very special doll. I also want to shoot her next to Elise Jolie to show their similarities. The Queen came holding a male doll head. I have  heard there were only 40 of those heads and they are very desirable. Who knew?

I'd  like to direct everyone who wants to see pictures of every doll from this event to go to Dreamcastle Dolls where Carol is compiling a database of them. She is pulling pictures from all sources.
Here is the link: 2011 Tonner Halloween Convention Scary Tales

Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't look at my pretty pictures but Carol has done so much work on her Tonner Doll database that you ought to get to know about it and that's one way.

Going backwards, I never did talk about the crazy funny program put on for the Cinderella brunch. I did mention the story that ended with Cindy becoming queen of the zombies but I failed to discuss that we were participants in the story. Each of us was provided with a kit of tools to use during the story which consisted of a sponge, bubbles, a loaded water gun (yes, it was filled with water), a clapper, paper, sword and I don't remember what else. During the crazy story, we were prompted to do things. When the water gun prompt began it was hysterical. People started shooting eachother all over the room. Robert said this morning that he learned never to give loaded water guns to a roomful of middle aged people. I don't know if the age of the people mattered. Water guns are fun! Throwing sponges around is fun, too. You had to be there.

Last night we came into the dining room to find Pat Henry's beautiful book at each of our places. Pat amused us with a brief talk. The book, which, by the way, contains lots of my photos, is definitely worth purchasing. And then you might even want to read it.  Where can you get it? TONNER: Two Decades of Fashion & Design

Suggestion to event planners: dinner music should be soft so people can TALK to eachother without having to shout. The band, except for the sax player, was not all that good but they did make a lot of noise. 

 A  highlight of every convention is the presentation of the event souvenir. She is called Eye of the Beholder and is a very Gothic reinterpretation of "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast, which was the dinner theme. Her hair is pink and black as is her fashion which is lush.

Here is Tonner's photo of Beauty with her Beast. He's quite the hunk as were all the male companion dolls at this event.

This morning we came in to the Harry Potter breakfast to find Harry and Hermione on the table. These are two very realistic-looking sculpts. The thing I liked most about them were their clothes, especially what Harry was wearing. Their bodies are Matt O'Neill size for Harry and flat-footed Tyler for Hermione.They will be offered as part of the regular Tonner Harry Potter line.

I've left so much out. There were so many dolls to see. I was very good. Hehe. More will be revealed in the days to come as I sort through more than 300 pictures.

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