Spamming the Blogosphere - Showcase Photos

I feel like I'm spamming my own blog with all the posting but it's been a crazy doll inundation for two weeks and I have a lot to catch up with. I've rearranged most of my display of 12" dolls in the last month and redressed many. For the first time I have arranged groupings of dolls dressed in similar colors as opposed to similar characters.
Perhaps in a few days I will begin to take studio photos instead of pointing and shooting with the toy camera.
Here are a few display case shots I took yesterday.

The yellow capri set on Glow Vanessa (far right) was the only outfit I kept from the Point of Departure Eugenia giftset. It doesn't fit all that well but I like it anyway. Metal Maven Vanessa is wearing La Boutique and Disclosure is wearing Randall Craig. All carry La Boutique POM handbags.

Night Warrior Vanessa wears Optic Verve's gown. AFL Platinum looks amazing in everything and now even better on her new FR2 body. She is wearing Randall  Craig. Onyx Veronique looks awful in this picture. She's wearing Natalia Shape Shifter's black dress.

I knew the minute I saw Ayumi's outfit that my Brilliance Monogram doll was going to get it. The gorgeous Paradise Veronique on the left is wearing a custom silk beaded bustier by Mio and Sound Advice Adele's skirt.

One of my OOAK Vanessas looks stunning in Fauxnessa Monaco's ensemble.

I must have this Shirred Not Shaken Vanessa repainted, rerooted or both one day. Something about her eyes bothers me no matter how I dress her or style her hair. However, her Thai gown is simply fabulous.

Midnight in Monaco Veronique shines in Vivid Impact Agnes' ensemble. I added the fur. I think the thing I put around her neck is supposed to be a tiara but it didn't work out that way.

My rerooted Chic Escape Veronique fills out FR2 Most Wanted Vanessa's gown quite well. It fits the full bust much better and I have a feeling it was intended for a full busted doll in the first place.

 My new Most Wanted FR2 Elise.

Wu Convention 2010 Workshop Eugenia wearing Mauve Absolue gown and Franklin Mint jewelry.

 Rerooted Buena Sera Kyori wearing boots from Mission Control Imogen and skirt from Style Counsel Adele.

Silver Society Veronique wearing Randall Craig carrying POM.

Redhead Color Therapy Vanessa wears LCR Veronique's gown. 

Rerooted Cruise Control Vanessa wears Josephine Baker's La Joie de Paris gown.


  1. I love display shots. It's nice to see people's collection. It always gives me ideas on how to display mine.

    Thanks !

  2. Beautifully shot photos Terri - I think you missed your real calling - you should be working for National Geographic!

  3. I've missed my calling in more ways than one! Thanks for your comments.

  4. I think those are tow valid ways to display dolls, by character and by clothes colors... I like the second one better =) Love the ladies in your first photo!!
    Have you compared your Most Wanted Elise to the other Elises? Her head is so big... or that only happens with my doll?

  5. Hi, do you Know if hands of the josephine Baker doll are removables?