Poesie Vanessa for $1997. ????

Someone has posted a NRFB Poesie Sans Couleur Vanessa for 1450 Euros OBO on the Show & Sell pages. Either the person is nuts or I've been in hibernation. When did the asking price for a NRFB more than double?

If you are not familiar with this Fashion Royalty doll she was the first of three Atelier dolls and a limited edition of 500. She was a 2005 FDQ exclusive and sold for $189. I remember seeing her picture in the magazine and I didn't particularly care for her. That was before I started collecting FR. I thought the price was outrageous for a doll. Who knew?

These are the promotional photos of the doll.

The presentation of the doll is extraordinarily beautiful as were all the Atelier giftsets. I purchased mine in 2007 for the ridiculously expensive price of $450. I never regretted it. Her body was the first articulated type and of course she was transferred to a tall body when they became available.
Some early pictures of my Poesie:

I rarely play with her anymore because her hair is too easy to mess up and requires care to  keep its curls neat. Gorgeous, isn't she?


  1. She's beautiful but I don't think she's $2000 beautiful. :) I suppose it depends too on the kind of collector you are. I'm definitely not a typical collector in that I don't try to or want to get every doll and I certainly don't stick to a certain kind.

    When I first saw a Pullip doll I wanted to buy it but it was $80 and I thought that was just too much to spend on a doll. This was several years ago now. Needless to say now I find $80 cheap. lol (and I got that Pullip doll that I'd wanted though by the time I did get her she was long sold out and I ended up paying nearly $200 with shipping - oh irony...)

  2. She is truly beautiful, and definitely a part of Fashion Royalty "history", but for that price, I would rather have a Syb or a JamieShow. I am becoming less and less a fan of cheap vinyl for BIG prices....

  3. LOL, Jen, I remember the "halcyon" days when $40 for a Basic Tonner was outrageous to me! Now, if I find a Tonner for that price, I think, "Oh, wow, what a steal!!"

    I am with you, though, this doll is a beauty, but not at just a smidge under 2 grand.

    On the other hand, Terri might be able to get herself some serious dolly bux, if other collectors ARE willing to pay this kind of price. Then again, she might have seller's remorse.

  4. She is still one of the most ebautiful dolls I never got. She is the one that got me biotter about the fixed FDQ Lotteries....the people that worked-work for FDQ got more than one doll...I remember being so pissed about seeing the same people selling several dolls that I even wrote to the FDQ people....I did manage to get her outfits over time tho....
    your pictures of her are exquisite!!

  5. @miladyblue: I am not planning to sell off any of my Vanessas...yet.

  6. @dollingboy: I know exactly how you feel about the lotteries. Thanks for your comments.


  8. I think that seller posted several other pricey dolls... This Vanessa is beautifull, but not for that price... heck, I don't even think I'd pay the $999 she usually goes for.

    I've seend an NRFB True Royalty on ebay for about $1400... a bit too much aswell if you ask me. I ended up trading for the nude doll, and buying the complete outfit from Desi, even so it "cost" near $600. Now I'm hunting for the box - but not YOUR box ;)

  9. Christina Walewska11/6/11, 10:38 AM

    How I wish to be able to buy such a beautiful doll. All the Fashion Royalty dolls are so very lovely!

  10. Could it be Europe prize?
    Its double up prizes here due to postage + customs fee + vat (yes in that order!)

    I wish I have sooo many more dolls, but...
    No friends - no gifts :(