Integrity Insanity

Integrity Toys sent out an announcement to the W Club members regarding a sale of left over convention items. A list of products with prices but no pictures was in that email.

11:04 email arrives. I want the shoe pack. I click on the link.
11:16 Cart shows up ... still no image 2 minutes later.
11:19 The cart is frozen.
Don't they remember what happened the last time they did a first come first serve event? Unbelievable. Why do I even bother?

At this time there are 119 unregistered customers and 108 registered customers online.

11:22 Cart is still frozen. I really should say that I can't even put anything into the cart although the FR Shoe Pack page is on my monitor - still no picture.

11:23 Put stuff in cart finally and went to checkout. Message "Unable to Connect" firefox can't establish a connection to the server at www.integritytoys.com

What a disaster.

11:35 I give up. It's not worth my time. I'm pissed.

11:35 Product page suddenly shows up again...this time with a picture of shoe collection. I click to Add to cart. Nothing is happening.
FR Shoe Pack

11:38 This is the message I got:

On another topic, why weren't pictures of the convention collection ever issued?  Very odd.

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  1. I got what I wanted at around 9:00! Thanks to a friend who was able to order - but I tried right at 11 - and it suckedddddd.