My First Sybarite, Talc

I feel like a school child writing a composition - My First Pet; My First Bicycle...
Writing my FIRST...does that mean there will be a second? Most likely. Two are always better than one.
This doll was packaged beautifully with extraordinary attention to protection and padding. It took time and attention to get all the wrapping off to release her. She's pretty amazing.
Talc is a basic doll in that she's not dressed in more than her corset and accessories. From what I've been told, Talc's outfit is quite desirable, especially the metal belt.

Earrings can be hooked on to the metal eye loop already in her ears. Her head has a soft flock which is great under wigs.

She hasn't made it into the studio for a session with good camera but she had to have her picture taken out-of-doors, on the deck. The posing is fabulous. This is going to be fun. 
Natural light is not always the best.  I like it for travel pics but not for dolls.

Talc is gorgeous but the silvery blue lips are not my cup of tea. I want to repaint her lips to look like Geometry's and I will do that myself.  I can't stop staring at her face. Her eyes are so gorgeous and deep. I love the colors used there.

Some people are telling me that I will become addicted to Sybarites. That would be unfortunate. I know what it's like to have to have every doll in a certain line. I can't imagine that ever happening with these dolls because they are expensive and I have a life. I want my dolls to give me pleasure, not pressure.


  1. Congratulations, Terri!!!

    Have Lots of Fun!!!


  2. Oh she is lovely. I can't wait to see more of her.

  3. Yay Terri! It will be fun to see a Sybarite from your perspective! She is a beauty! You are making me want to buy her and my resolve is getting weaker by the moment. haha Have a lot of fun with your first Sybarite! She is amazing! The wig dolls are the best IMO!

  4. what do you think personally owning such a doll of the extra joint in the elbow? I first saw this in elbows and knees by an exclusive bisque doll maker whose dolls are exquisite but cost a fortune and my one turn off was how she had put these extra joints in. She is very beautiful! Would love to see a close up of her ears to see the loop you are talking about.

  5. As I wrote you on "another board".... at some point quality overcomes quantity!!!

    Keep that belt, if only for your personal "prop" for pics. We're going to LOVE to see what you do to this girl!!!!

  6. @Katz: I think the extra joints are fantastic. Stay tuned for more images and I'm sure I'll capture the ear loops. If you are subscribed to the blog, you will get any published articles automatically.

  7. I enjoyed this post very much! Every time I receive a sybarite, it feels like the "first time" over and over again!

  8. I LOVE that last pic of Talc in front of her box. How lovely!
    I am wondering how the flocking will hold up under wig use?
    (Yeah, you enabled me again, and I bought one, and am so excited to see the hair color I get!)