Monster High: Lagoona Blue and Spectra Vondergeist

More cheap thrills come your way via the silly and strange Monster High dolls.

Don't expect high quality for in the $20. range as these are fragile dolls, albeit very clever.   I don't know what their hair is made from but it's difficult to keep tamed and their limbs often take on a life of their own. But they do snap back together.
Lagoona Blue, on the left, comes with the funniest 3 eyed frog. She is depicted as being in the school science lab. She also comes with a locker and an extra fashion. Spectra Vondergeist is mostly translucent - as a ghost ought to be. Even her pet, which is unidentifiable, is kind of see-through.
I picked up Lagoona at my Target store and got Spectra directly from Mattel. I recommend both of them for play value and adorable-ness.


  1. Ohhh! This is the first time I'm seeing Spectra. Laguna was on my "wishlist" already but now I'm going to have to get Spectra too. Soon... :)

  2. I collect Monster High dolls. Spectra is one of my favorites! Nice photos!

  3. I love Spectra! She's the prettiest MH doll ever.