Another of Jason Wu's Sculpts Bites the Dust

It was recently announced that the sculpt of one of IT's flagship characters, Adele, is now retired and will be replaced in the giftset from the convention collection. The outgoing sculpt is the second incarnation of Adele and is quite a beauty.

The original sculpt.
Screening removed and lips repainted by me.

The outgoing sculpt.

Is Integrity being forced to change their most popular sculpts? Do the copyrights of these sculpts, Vanessa, Veronique and Adele belong to Jason Wu solely? Is he asking too much money for renewal of the license or is he just not permitting his sculpts to be used any longer? It's too much of a coincidence that three of the oldest sculpts would be replaced within months of each other at the ten year mark of the company.
Did Jason come equipped with the brilliant foresight to license his sculpts for a limited period of time when he was hired by Integrity Toys? Is Kyori next?  Who shot JR?

 In a little over one year there have been 6 new Fashion Royalty female sculpts: Kesenia, Vanessa, Korrine, Veronique, Rayna and Anja. The prior year saw Natalia turn white and Dania came on the scene. There have been several new characters introduced into the NuFace line as well including several males. Let's not forget the four new FR2 sculpts.  Who is actually creating the new sculpts and why do some of them look alike?


 The FR2 Faces:


  1. MMMM, thought provoking for sure!

  2. I do not think that any licensing is behind this - licensing would be apparent in the packaging of the dolls and would be very precise if the sculpts were licensed. I just think that the old molds are destroyed from use (10 years), it was aparent to most doll's faces. Just compare older Veros, Adeles, Vanessas and especially Kyoris to the latest ones (before the change). I am even more surprised Kyori was not the first one to go as she was the one whose face was getting blander with each new release. Since they scrapped the story lines, it would have been easier to withdraw the old characters all together (maybe keep them for events or special releases) and use new ones only.
    As for the "new" faces, most of them are a result of the Brides of Dracula line - they had to use the sculpts of that line in the regular lines as not everyone buys vampire dolls.
    I wonder how Adele will come out. Her previous change was very successful.

  3. I think the new doll sculpts are the most beautiful ever! Perhaps its a combination of experience and more daring on the part of the IT Team. The face paint screens are getting more beautiful in my opinion; I think Veronique and Vanessa have never been more beautiful! I'm one doll collector who is happier every year...

    I am attending the IT Doll Convention and will be attending a workshop where we see behind the scenes about how they make their amazing dolls. I will take notes and let you know Terri!! Wish you were there too.

  4. I am a huge Adele fan. I love both of the previous sculpts. I own & display at least one of every Adele produced except Miss Royaltini. Nine Adeles were produced with the original sculpt; I own 12. Seventeen Adeles were produced of the second sculpt; I own 30. I wrote that to state that I am excited about the new face sculpt. It is well overdue.

    I agree with Stratos that the older sculpts do not look quite as fresh and Kyori is long overdue for a face lift. I agree with Anon all of the changes so far has been an improvement.

  5. Very valid questions Terri... I guess we should be expecting Eugenia to change soon aswell, wich makes me sad, since her and Vanessa were my absolute faves. I think there are too many facemolds now. The only one that makes me excited is Elise. The others, well.... Let me say they come and they go here in the house. I miss Vanessa. (here we go again *snif*

    I would KILL to go to that workshop that explains how a doll is produced. I do hope people take notes (and pics?) and let us know :)

  6. Adele will probably have poppy lips

  7. I also forgot to mention that there are only 2 new FR2 sculpts - the other two were previous FR sculpts that made a transition.

  8. @Stratos: Thanks for your comments. Elise is a new sculpt. I didn't list her under FR because she is now FR2. The FNO sculpt is also new. That makes 4.

  9. Hello¡¡¡ this is my first post in this page, I am collector, my collection is about afro-american dolls, and recently I discover IT dolls, I want to know if you cn help me I am interested in purchase Adele doll, the one wearing the red dress, I would like to know if you know where I can buy her for a good price. Congratulations for the page, is an amazing guide for collectors, TNX again.

  10. @omanriqu:
    That doll was a convention doll called Adèle Makeda, The Muse. She was a limited edition of 400 and came dressed in a red suit, not the dress shown. You can search eBay for her. As far as a good price...I can't help you there because a good price is whatever you are willing to pay.
    Good luck and thank you for your comments. I hope to hear from you often!