Even More Cheap Thrills with Barbie Basics

I don't know what got into me these past few months but I have purchased a bunch of Pink Label Barbie dolls. I keep them in my studio and yesterday they got lucky in front of the camera.  Angelica's hair is typical Barbie quality - uneven, shaggy ends and no style. The Hispanic (?) Barbie has lovely hair but she has glitter glued under her brows. The red Target Barbie is adorable. Her hair will never get messed up as every strand is glued down. She needs a pivotal body and lashes to make her into a useful doll that can pose.

The last vinyl Barbie I will buy this year is Tokidoki. I swear.


  1. I used to buy Dynamite Girls for 'cheap' thrill dolls, but now that they're becoming a bit more expensive and difficult to find, I'm glad to see Mattel have some nicer offerings. I don't mind the 'model' body, I like the solid feel and body shape. I do prefer the pivotal bodies and I really hope they migrate all the model line to those.

  2. I'm a sucker for black and red. The last photo in the set is my favorite! However, your photography is always beautiful.

    -Cat of *A Doll Affinity*

  3. LOL, let's see how long THAT vow lasts! The little plastic and resin darlings have a habit of making us seem like we are in a potato chip commercial - "Betcha can't have just one!"

    You are right on target about the glitter, hair and articulation issues.

    Another thing Mattel SHOULD get a clue about is sewing the doll's hair to the packaging; not to mention, using as much packaging they do to secure the doll. Every time I have deboxed a Barbie in the last several years, it fills up my recycling AND garbage cans.